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American 08 anti winding casters

Hits:2553   Date:2021-08-20

Casters are generally composed of supports and rollers. There are bearings in the rollers. The rollers roll through the relative rotation of screws and bearings. In order to ensure the smooth rolling of casters, dust covers are also equipped on both sides of the roller to avoid direct exposure of the internal structure of the roller.

Because there is a vertical gap of about 1mm between the dust cover of the roller in the front direction of the ordinary caster and the inner side of the support, when the caster is rolling, it is easy to be wound by these soft strip sundries on the screw between the side of the dust cover and the inner side of the support, resulting in: 1. Additional friction is caused to the roller, which is more difficult to push; 2. During the movement, the casters are suddenly braked due to the winding of sundries, resulting in the overturning of the cart or collision injury to the users, which has potential safety hazards.

In view of the non anti winding characteristics of the ordinary dust cover, the design principle of the anti winding cover is to nest the bottom of the support in the dust cover, so that there is no gap between the roller in the front direction of the caster and the support. The anti winding design makes the strip sundries cannot be stuck between the side of the roller and the screw when the roller is rolling, effectively prevents the roller from being stuck, and solves the problem that the caster in the prior art is easy to be wound by sundries.