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13 series aluminum alloy activity level adjustment wheels

Hits:2586   Date:2021-08-28

Horizontal adjustment caster is a universal caster with height adjustment function. When the equipment needs to be fixed, the height of the caster base can be raised to make the wheel surface off the ground to support the equipment and play the role of fixing the equipment. When the equipment needs to move, the base can be lowered so that the wheel surface contacts the ground again, and the equipment can be easily pushed. The casters can not only make the equipment move, but also adjust the horizontal position of the equipment according to the user's requirements, compensate the uneven drop of the plane, and have a certain shock absorption function. In a word, the horizontal adjustment caster is a multi-purpose, powerful, simple operation, portable comprehensive application equipment caster.

13 series aluminum alloy activity level adjusting wheels, wheel frame is made of high strength aluminum alloy material die cast, has high tensile and compressive strength. The steering part uses trapezoidal track manganese ring wear-resisting technology, prolongs the service life of wheel frame. Full plastic PA wheel, polymer engineering nylon plastic integrated injection molding, wheel body toughness, corrosion resistance and good anti-aging ability, strong absorption capacity of impact, stress vibration.

The wheel adopts "adjusting connecting rod + base" structure, in the horizontal adjustment foot and base center lifting part design corresponding to the screw thread, screw adjusting handle can be rotated through the screw up and down movement to achieve the adjustment level, easy to operate, when fixed, not easy to make casters up and down movement and affect the level state.

Because the wheel sets the special function of moving, fixing and highly adjusting, it has good service life and stable performance, and also has the function of stabilizing equipment. When the equipment needs to be fixed or moved, the caster can be fixed or pushed by quickly adjusting the horizontal height of the caster bracket. Therefore, it is widely used in mechanical measuring equipment, medical equipment and a variety of heavy load cabinet long-term Settings, but also can become electronic equipment, test equipment, semiconductor equipment, packaging equipment and other precision equipment ideal wheel.